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Drywall Screws

 Drywall Screws Manufacturer in Chandigarh Drywall Screws is additionally called gypsum board, wallboard, gypsum panel, or wallboard. it's a panel manufactured from calcium sulfate dihydrate with or without additives and ordinarily ironed between a facer and a backer.

Emm Ess Industries provide Rust resistant, dependable, durable and dimensionally accurate best Drywall Screws. The Drywall Screw is designed in conformity to the ISO standards tips. Drywall Screws are offered to the clients in very cheap costs and among a stipulated timeframe.


  • For make interior walls
  • For Wall Ceilings
  • Wood Work
  • Sun Mica


  • Diameter : M3 to M6
  • Length : Upto 50 mm
  • Available Material Grades

    • 4.6

    Manufactured With

    • Mild Steel
    • Alloy Steel